Car Emblems . Logos de Coches

I saw this beautiful book while attending an art show at Fedro Libros, a bookstore in the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires.

I wasn’t able to immediately track it down in English, (I googled “Car Logos”) but later searched the author Giles Chapman and found that the English title is named “Car Emblems: The Ultimate Guide to Automotive Logos Worldwide

Chapman details the history of logos, branding, design and evolution of automobile logos, including well known brands such as Chrysler and Oldsmobile and less heard of companies like Trabant. (At least less heard of to me.)

Check out how the logo samples on the English cover are different than the Spanish cover, which leaves out Lexus and Chrysler.

If there’s someone in your life who’s a car buff, this would make a great gift. You can find it (in English) on Amazon.

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